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Stuff we couldnt live without

here is stuff that we did or used for most of are times together!!


When we had nothing better to do or wanted to do nothing we came to starbucks!!! on new years day 2003 shaun ste and xens spent most of the morning either sleeping or trying to act awake!!! we spent like 9 hours i think........in starbucks that day and all we brough was one coffee


mainly what we wore were band hoodies and tshirts from the indoor market!!! they where sooo fake it was unbeliveable!! and lasted about 6 mnths!!!


ok so you are wondering what this is??? its a dog chain ste shaun and i think seb brought these a wilko they were about 2 meters long and we used to hoop them though are jeans!!


shaun ste and seb tryed to grow are hair long with TRYED this lots of times but most of the time we got half way though and couldnt be bothered anymore!!!


when skating started to be comercial again we had ago at it!!! we failed BIG TIME ste couldnt even oillie!!! LOL bless him


Ste got a cd re-writer so it was basicly screw going to hmv and buying cds! even though ste charged 2 per cd to boys and girls(specially the ones he fancied) got them for free!!! with his lovely Imation cd-r discs!!


most of the time during are free time we(SHAUN!!!) want to either watch neighbours or loose women but mrs hoyle hardly ever let him :(


...........WHAT!!! its chocolate spunge cake!!!..... and we ate this chocolate spunge cake for six months!! cant remeber much though


when we didnt watch neighbours or go to starbucks or eat chocolate spunge cake we drank!!! maninly vodka!! TEN QUID SHIT!! or JD if xen(an old friend visit moonshine) could get some!!


the result from the above and some other stuff lead some of us to get pinched...yea i will use that word soo now some of us cant go into hmv!!


Due to drink to much luke warm Vodka Ste and Shaun have turned to gin!! which i think is stronger??? but only like by 2% anyway its great because no-one else in the group likes it!!! soo there more for us!!!!!!! :)

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