Emo Kid
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hello! my names ShAuNnY sHaUn (Emo Kid) this is my website about friends and life ingenaral the shit we get up to and stuff we like

This i my second website on tripod my last one http://moonshine220.tripod.com is now a tribute to when i was with my friends in the lower sixth form soo its old skool go cheak it out.This site WILL be better i hope things frm my old site have been put onto this site like the profiles but there are new stuff like the profanisaurus.
Why not look at: http://emo-vid220.tripod.com for vids of us in the six form last year!! u must have windows media player

Want to do my Quiz: Quiz From The past.... If sooo go to fav links and click on take my quiz! Its about the last Three years of me and my friends cos most leave for uni in september..


Picture's of our past and our future everyone change's but in that secound a picture is taken life and friendship is preseved in time and will always be there to remind you who you once was.-SJ

What's New?

whats new??? People are going to uni and college soon!!!! hev leaves on sunday the 19th!!!! NOOO and everyone else in the weeks to come!!!! sooo GOODBYE and have a great life if i do not see you again i will miss you allXxXxXxXxXx

What can i say that cnt explain all this time im loving life!